Share your Philanthropic Values with your Children – Kids Are Clueless About Parents’ Charitable Giving

This article identifies a great opportunity for you to share your values with your children by discussing your philanthropic activity with them.



MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kids don’t know how their parents give to charity, according to new poll results released by the Northwestern Mutual Foundation’s financial literacy Web site,

“Parents have good charitable intentions, but if they don’t discuss them with their kids, a valuable learning opportunity is lost”

When asked, “Do you know what organizations or causes your family donates money or time to?” most children 17 and younger (77 percent) said either “I’m not aware of their giving at all” or “I know my parents give back, but I’m not sure how or to whom.” Only 23 percent said “My parents talk about the organizations and causes they support.”

“Kids who are taught about the importance of giving as well as budgeting responsibly for giving are better prepared to secure their own financial futures,” said financial literacy expert and Northwestern Mutual Senior Vice President Meridee Maynard. “It appears that parents aren’t proactively modeling and discussing their giving strategies, which would be a great learning opportunity for their children.”

Kids were also asked, “How do your parents support organizations or causes?” Eighteen percent said their parents “donate time and energy by volunteering,” while only 10 percent said their parents “donate money.” Six percent reported that their parents “donate food, clothing and supplies.” The overwhelming majority of children (64 percent) said they have no idea what is done.

“Parents have good charitable intentions, but if they don’t discuss them with their kids, a valuable learning opportunity is lost,” said Maynard. “Planning how to give is just as important as the planning that goes into saving, spending and investing. These are early learnings that can help young people become financially-savvy adults.”

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Why Gold Will Hit $3,500

This is a very interesting article about forecasting the price of gold – be sure to read it all.



Gold hovers around $1,400, and is on its way to $3,500, according to one industry expert. While a few weeks behind schedule, gold captured the  all time high $1,400 mark based on the decline of the dollar, and fears over Euro Zone debt fears.

“We have a combination: inflation fears, currency market uncertainty, fears about the financial strength of some countries,” said Alexander Zumpfe of Heraeus Metals.

Compelling logic for $3,500 gold

The prediction that the price of gold will rise to over $3,500 per ounce in the next two years, is according to precious metals analyst, Andre Hudson, of Walwyn Stodgell Chochran Murray, Ltd. Hudson told the Montreal Society of Financial Analysts that gold has dramatically outperformed the stock market in the last seven years, and is likely to continue to do so.;blog-river

A Baker’s Dozen of New Year’s Resolutions for Investors | AllFinancialMatters

I’m a big fan of Larry Swedroe.  His 13 resolutions are a MUST READ as far as I’m concerned.



Larry Swedroe is a money manager and author of investment books, including The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan.

Larry has just issued the following “Baker’s Dozen of New Year’s Resolutions for Investors.”   Note in particular number 7, which addresses both the issue of active managed funds and extrapolating future performance from past performance.

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Redefine Christmas

I’m a believer in “Practical Philanthropy” and I thought that this article was worth sharing.


Redefine Christmas is a movement that re-imagines the way we look at gift giving during the holidays. In addition to the things we enjoy shopping for and giving every year, we often feel compelled to spend money and time on gifts with little meaning. Gifts which are soon forgotten. Rather than giving in to the convention of giving, we can give out – by redirecting some of that money to charity.

Consider giving your friends and family members donations to their favorite charities in their names. And ask your loved ones to do the same for you. <!– Imagine if there was more charity and less materialism in Christmas giving. Think about how much your charitable friends might appreciate a gift to their favorite charity, or how you might appreciate a gift to your favorite charity. Imagine how personalized, easy and meaningful Christmas shopping would be if you gave these charitable gifts online. And consider how great it would be if these gifts were make this vision a reality. –>

Giving this way is more personal. It’s easier. And it can be more meaningful – to the receiver, the giver and the countless people and organizations who are truly in need. If you’re ready to start giving this way, click on the Give Charitably tab to learn how, or click the JustGive link to begin exploring charities.


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