Giving Our Kids the Music of Our Marriage –

The marketers behind the Fresh Beat Band, a quartet whose music videos air before episodes of “Dora the Explorer” on Nick Jr., know what they’re doing.My young children have memorized the words to “Here We Go.” I find myself singing it quietly to myself at work. My husband considers it a personal failure that our kids know Twist, Marina, Shout and Kiki but not John, Paul, George and Ringo.

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The Most Important Thing the Beatles and Steve Jobs Can Teach Us?

Life is Rich!  Love What You Do!  Do What You Love!



Is it true — All You Need Is Love?

With the passing of Steve Jobs, much has been written about his life and his success. I recently stumbled across this excerpt from an LA Times article that paints a somewhat unique picture that may apply to all of us:

Those who knew Jobs often spoke of his passion for his creations.

“It sounds ridiculous to talk about love when you are making a gadget,” said Larry Brilliant, the former director of Google’s philanthropic arm,, and a longtime friend of Jobs.

“But Steve loved his work, he loved the products he produced, and it was palpable,” Brilliant said. “He communicated that love through bits of steel and plastic.”

So let me ask you — is LOVE an ingredient you add to all you create?

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401(k) savers who get advice get higher returns …

Good advice is worth the price.  This article points out that 401k participants who used financial advisors to help select the investments in their 401(k) get higher returns than those who choose their investments on their own.  Good food for thought.  Part of the improvement in performance was a result of better fund selection and part was due to improved investor behaviors.



SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Retirement savers who sought investing advice through their 401(k) plan enjoyed a median annual return almost 3% higher than those who didn’t — even after the fees they paid for that advice, according to a new study.

Investors who looked for help online at their 401(k) plan website, enrolled in a managed account, or had at least 95% of their savings invested in a target-date fund were categorized as “seeking help,” according to the study of eight large 401(k) plans with more than 425,000 participants and $25 billion in assets, by Aon Hewitt, a consulting firm, and Financial Engines, an investment advisory firm.

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The Benefits of Passive Management Without Indexes

This is a great article about the difference between DFA Funds (my favorites) and standard Index Funds.



Over the past few days, we’ve seen the differences between index funds and passive asset class funds. These differences also provide examples of how passive asset class funds might end up with portfolios whose holdings are significantly different from the universe of initially eligible securities and market-cap weighting. If the screens the fund chooses are based on solid academic evidence and commonsense rules (resulting in a well-structured portfolio), the end result should be superior returns and tracking error to a benchmark that is purely random. (Some years the error will be randomly positive and some years it will be randomly negative, and in the long term it will average close to zero.)

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