DIY Dying

There’s a movement going on. People are taking their funerals seriously…but not necessarily solemnly. As end-of-life issues become more openly discussed and contemplated, many individuals are pondering the question of how they want to mark their own departures. Today, tears of sadness are not on the menu for everyone. Aging baby boomers in particular are likely to create and embrace new options, including those that celebrate life once it has ended.

Breaking Rules

“The same generation that questioned convention in sex, birth, and marriage will probably do the same in death care,” says 51-year old Char Barrett, a Seattle funeral director and founder of A Sacred Moment. Services include home funerals and life celebrations. These celebrations include everything from environmentally-friendly balloon releases and butterfly releases to affordable sea burials and aerial missions where cremated remains can be scattered by air. They also create customized folders that become memorable keepsakes for loved ones.

via DIY Dying  | Chicago Bridge.


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