Five Things Advisors Should Tell Clients About Retirement

In this this article, Robert Laura takes a different, and interesting, perspective on retirement.  His key key points include:1) Health Is Wealth,2)  Time Is Of The Essence,3) There is a dark side,4)  Work Is What You Do, Not Who You Are,5)  Retirement Is An Oxymoron

If you are retired – or thinking about retirement someday, this is worth reading.
I welcome your thoughts.

Retirement today is a lot like an iceberg, where 90 percent of what’s really taking place is below the surface, absent from ordinary investment conversations and mainstream retirement planning. Almost 100 percent of retirement planning is focused on financial issues and concerns, yet about 99 percent of life in retirement has very little to do with money. The retirement issues and opportunities that were never part of advisor/client discussions are now being thrust into mainstream planning; not necessarily by choice but because the new Age of Retirement  requires a new and different planning path.

Gone are the days of retiring at 65, living on Social Security, a company pension and personal savings only to die at age 68. The advisor is now responsible for helping retirees prepare for the things that no one tells them about.

1) Health Is Wealth

via Five Things Advisors Should Tell Clients About Retirement.


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