What to Realize Your Dreams? Have Fun in the Meantime!

Mindful Money Minutes — #162

 What to Realize Your Dreams?  Have Fun in the Meantime!

Sometimes we are so busy trying to realize our dreams, we forget to let go and have fun in the process.

I’m guilty of this.  I want things to happen, I work harder, and then one day I realize that I’m “working,” not enjoying.  Part of the process of life is to enjoy the journey, so don’t sacrifice everything today for chasing your dreams of tomorrow.

Sometimes you have to let things unfold and that may take a little time.

So, are you having fun today?  Having fun raises your vibration which helps you in realizing your dreams.  Find something to smile about today — listen to your favorite music, get out in nature, pet a dog, watch a funny video — anything that makes you smile, and laughing is even better!

Until tomorrow,
Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP®

Mindful Money Maven*

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