Rick Kahler: More Gratitude, Less Spending

A great article by Rick Kahler about Gratude and Money.  It is worth reading!



Do you want to more easily change your over-spending behavior? According to some new research, maybe all you need is a bit of gratitude.

Before you brush this idea aside as just another “feel good” theory, you may want to consider a 2013 study that suggests practicing gratitude is a powerful way to increase your happiness and decrease temptations. Northeastern University’s David DeSteno led the research project, which was published in June 2014 in the journal Psychological Science.

Many of us believe we ought to make decisions, especially financial ones, logically rather than emotionally. We assume emotions get in the way of decision-making, so we try to set them aside. We may think the best way to resist temptation, such as wanting to buy something we can’t afford, is to use self-control to clamp down our emotions.

via Rick Kahler: More Gratitude, Less Spending | Kahler Financial.


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