Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Discuss Five Years Of “The Giving Pledge” – Octafinance

Together Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two of the richest men on the planet.

They are also best pals having vacationed together in China and Alaska and stay up late playing online bridge against each other.

These gentlemen are also at the head of a movement that is going to profoundly improve the lives of millions of people.

It is called the “Giving Pledge” and it entails wealthy individuals leaving at least 90% of their net worth to society.

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10 Old Wives’ Tales Masquerading As Financial Rules of Thumb

It’s been said that if the palm of your right hand itches, you’ll soon be coming into money. On the other hand (seriously, no pun intended), it’s also been said that if your left palm itches you’ll soon be paying out money.

Don’t laugh. There are folks out there who actually believe this stuff.

Then again, what is funny is the lack of consensus regarding which palm is which; some sites proclaim it’s actually vice versa.

Of course, I’d expect such confusion emanating from an old wives’ tale.

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Show and Tell: The Staff Ask

Show and Tell: The Staff Ask Philanthropy is experiential. You can’t stimulate philanthropic giving with words. Talking to your board about giving doesn’t work. You can’t just ask your donors to be more philanthropic.

Don’t just invite staff to give. Philanthropy works when you give first and make a large enough gift that you feel pinched. Why? Because then you understand. You understand what it’s like to stand on the should-I-give-or-not bridge. You know the sound it makes in your soul when you hear your footsteps on the bridge. You imagine spending the money for your own needs or those of your family. You experience regret. As you give your money, you sense the loss of control and trust the promises the nonprofit’s making about how they will use your gift. And, then you experience the joy of helping others.

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